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Two more girls

Hi All
Here are another two lovley ladies from my project….enjoy

“GWMH” Girls Wear Monster Hats…

Hi All
So here it is the first image from my new secret peoject, “GWMH” Girls Wear Monster Hats… what is it about, well in a nutt shell, its my take on taking somthing beautiful and that I admire, “ladies” in this case and then exposing somthing about them, somthing thats wrong, wierd and macarbre….there is more to this but thats the very basic of it.
Hope you enjoy
The final version of this will printed and collected in a book, so I hope it all works out.


Been busy with my “secret” project, which I will be sharing soon with you guys, but for now here are some crazy dvd covers I have created….so enjoy

Covers more worn out

Hi all
Here are another two dvd covers I have recently created, I have decided to revamp the look of the covers a little by making them look a bit more worn.
I will soon be posting up the sketches of my new project that I am currently working on….the project is for the comic con that is comming in may here in the uk.

Cover ageing

Here are my latest two covers I have worked on, I have slightly revamped the covers to look more like old pulp novels, worn edges and the print slightly aged.