Game Horizon Digital Battle

Hi All, sorry for the no-updates, but I have been swamped with work, but still had time for a little digital battle, here is a bit more info.
Game Horizon held their art battle competition at Dance City in Newcastle.

Eight contestants battled over three twenty minute rounds to see who was the fasted and best illustrator of the day.

At each round the artists had to complete a piece based on the brief and reference materials set by the panel of judges.
Half of the group was knocked out at the end of each round and the remainder went on to compete in the next round.

It was a good night overall with some free beer and a turnout of about 150. To cut a long and grueling take of battle short, the TV and design background of the judges favored Corlen’s superb iconic piece of design won him the trophy and prize!

So here are the art pices created in 20min each

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