Big red

HI everyone
Damn man , i have been so un-creative , just dont seem to have any really crazy ideas or insperation at the moment, so i have been using this time just to mess around with artmaterials and try some techniques etc, in the vain hope that somthing insperational will come along and bite me in the ass…….nothing has bitten me yet.
oh well, i was trying out canvass paper, its basically treated paper that has a canvass like material, it works pretty well i must say, i cant say the same for the painting, but for now i am just in practice mode…….so be patient guys somthing will happen eventually.

I might take this painting into photoshop and give it a little digital treatment but, for now here is the un-treated version


  1. woah, graaavity đŸ™‚

    Justin Paver on January 31st, 2007 at 05:40

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