The Zombie dead

Hi All
I decided that my latest image needs a little explanation, of its origin and where I got the inspiration from.
As usual I was watching another Italian horror gem called The Zombie Dead, a really
cool movie, the zombie are not your usual run of the mill mindless corpses, no these guys are pretty cunning and crafty when it comes to disposing of the living.

So I took some screen captures of the movie, here they are as follows, oh yes I did not do the whole movie, this is just a little teaser.

So we start off with the opening screen title….ooohhh aaahh!

This looks promising, the basic story behind the movie is that some professor has discovered ancient catacombs on his estate and some writing talking about a ancient burial technique that can bring the dead back, oh I didn’t see that one coming, at the same time some friends are coming over for the weekend, more victims for the zombies.

So these two are running away from the zombies

This professor happens to have bear traps laying around his estate grounds, oh yeah he died already like in the first five seconds of the movie. The girl gets caught in one of the traps

Our hero appears….tadaaaa he was the inspiration for my piece

The fight is on, goy with hay fork versus zombie with bad attitude

‘Poking me is not doing the situation any good’

‘Okay punk times up you die’

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