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Monster Portraits

 I have been wanting to do for some time, a collection of kooky , crazy and scary monster portraits, if it all works out as planned I might even do a collected artbook.Lets see how it goes…

Dark Harvesting continues

Some more progress on the dark harvest cover, its slowly getting there.

Dark harvest Colour and detail

So now working  on the details begins, I will be posting as this process progresses, towards the end of the final artwork I will do final colour balancing and adjustments

Dark harvest continued

So here is the revised drawing

So as you can see the creature is alot more meaty and buff. Onto the basic colour wash, as I preferre to work from dark to light.

Dark Harvest Cover art development

Hi All

Iain Lowson, was very kind in letting me  post up the cover artwork progress that I am currently doing for his epic RPG Dark Harvest.

So first here are some of the thumbnails that I started off with

After we have decided on what thumbnail works the best and a couple of more changes I produce the pencil line work that I will be  using in my digital paint over.

A few more changes are needed, I made the main character/creature look too young.

Sears tower falls to the Zombie horde

World War Z Concept art

OH the image from the previous post was a concept I did based on the World War Z book.

Here are some more…enjoy

Creature Doodles

Ambassador to hell

Ambassador to hell….quicky

Ninja Aida

Hi All
Well been playing around with this ninja like character I had in mind , this is still very early phase, just couple of doodles and colour tests…enjoy